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A great nude lip is a every girl’s best friend, if you do it right! And while this more laid back lip-look seems simple, it’s very easy to go overboard by completely erasing the natural color of your lips. If you want know how to rock this look without resembling one of the undead, then keep reading!

1. Start with a nude liner

A good nude liner will really go a long way with many different lip colors, but it’s essential for a neutral lip since lighter colors don’t always have the greatest lasting power. Start by lining the outside of our lips with light, gentle stroke. For extra oomph, line them slightly outside your natural lip line and then fill completely in. This will the illusion of a fuller pucker without any need for more expensive procedures 😉

2. Pick the right shade

There’s two types of nude lip colors out there – the ones that completely erase your natural lip color and leaves your lips the same shade as your face, or a more pinkish nude that’s just like your lip color (only better!) The perfect nude lip should work to draw attention to your eyes, away from the lip area so if a nude color makes your lips look too stark white or makes you look like a zombie, you may want to opt for the more pinkish lip stick color. A good trick to seeing if you can pull off an erase-your-lips type of shade is just to put foundation on, cover your entire face including your lips and see how it looks on you. If you look like one of the undead, opt for a my-lips-but-better tone!

3. Powder between layers

In order to make that nude lip last, add a bit of your face powder on top to lock it in place! This is a great way to not only give your lips a more matte finish, which is super on trend right now, but it will ensure that you can take plenty of hot-cocoa sips without worrying about touching up. If matte really isn’t your thing, follow the power step with a bit of gloss for a nice, understated sheen.

We hope these tips help you to achieve your best nude-lip ever!  And if lipstick isn’t your cup of tea, no worries! An easy way to achieve this same look is just to dab on some lip balm and head out the doors- no touch-ups required there 😉 Let us know your favorite nude lip combos, and as always, live divinely!


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On our lips – Fall for Rouge

Bold lips practically kicked you in the eyes all over the 2013 Fall runways – from matte reds to rich burgundies, the fashion world made one thing clear – this Fall is all about the romantic, wine stained lip favored by rockers and modern, chic fashionistas alike. Two of our favorite bold fall looks were the easy-to-wear Rouged lips and the darker, edgier Rouge Noir lips. We thought these two looks were especially interesting because of how easy it is to go from one to the other, simply with an extra swipe of  lipstick. Here is how you can go from Rouged to Rouge Noire in just a few simple steps:

Rouged Lips

The idea behind this look is a simple, 1940’s inspired stain. To start off, make sure your lips are nice and moisturized by priming with your favorite lip balm a few minutes before applying any color to your lips.  (noya lip balms are both hydrating enough to pull off this look and lightweight enough to act as a great base!   That’s a self-promoting tip, we know 🙂 )

Using a clean fingertip,lightly dab on your favorite wine or burgundy lipstick (the darker, the better!) For extra staying power, dab your lips on a tissue and repeat the step. The lips should look flushed, without any harsh edges or lines.

Another take on this look would be similar to another on-trend look – the ombre effect. Repeat the above steps, but instead of applying the color all over the lips, leave the center bare. After you complete the application, clean up the center with a clean q-tip. This is look is subtle enough for daytime, but is romantic enough to make a great, kissable date-lip.

Rouge Noir

We just love looks that can transition from day to night, or in this case from Rouged to Rouge Noir! To do so, start of by staining the lip with the method described above, and then add on a thicker layer directly from the tube to the lips, being careful to go all the way to the very edge of the lip. This will achieve the more Grunge-inspired edge that the Rouge Noir takes its cue from as well as create the illusion of super plum puckers!

Once you’ve applied a generous layer of lipstick to your lips, go around the edges with a matching plum lip liner to create super defined edges to the lip-look and to insure that the lip stick won’t feather throughout the night. If you’re feeling extra daring, use a dark brown or black liner for that super vampy look 🙂

We love how easy this look is to take from daytime appropriate to nighttime chic.The burgundy family of lipsticks is one of those iconic, autumnal colors that is sure to stay in-fashion for years to come, so if you haven’t already, we would highly recommend adding one to your collection this fall. Let us know what your favorite 2013 lip trend is, and as always, live divinely.

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On our lips: Mulberry

When we first heard about Fall 2012’s trend lip color we thought, rather sarcastically, Oh how innovative, a deep burgundy for Fall. Snooze! But after some further research we realized that the mulberry lip isn’t just another boring burgundy lip, it’s a multi-dimensional, lush purple tinted brown…or brown tinted purple? Either way, the trick to pulling off this look is blending two or three different shades of brown, plum, or even purple together for a shade that’s not only on trend, but perfect for you. Here are some of our favorite way to wear this look:

1. Super graphic

Graphic lips are all about a sharp, defined lip; it’s bold, in your face and not for the faint of heart. To start off, line your lips with a dark plum, burgundy or dark brown liner. Make sure to go slightly above your actual lip line for added volume and intensity. Want an even more daring edge? (duh!) When you reach your cupids bow, extend the line up a bit and draw defined, angled peaks. Although the effect won’t look natural, the sharp lines will give your mouth a pouty, 3-D effect that you see covering the spreads of fashion editorials. Fill your lips in completely with liner and then apply a matte lipstick in a matching shade of plum or burgundy. Make sure to pick a lipstick that has a hint of purple to it, and if you can’t find the exact shade you’re looking for, simply mix a wine colored lip stick with a dark purple one to create your perfect custom shade of Mulberry. For extra staying power, dab a translucent powder over the lipstick, blot and apply a second coat. Not a matte finish fan? No worries, layer with some high shine clear gloss for a slick, wet finish. The effect is a stunning three dimensional lip with strong definition and an edgy, modern feel.

2. The everyday look

While the graphic lip is great for a night out, it just won’t do at the office or even at a casual dinner date with friends, however this look can be adjusted to work during daylight hours too. Simply leave out the lip liner and opt for a lighter shade of lipstick or simply a tinted balm. In order to perfect this look, rub the lipstick onto a clean finger and gently dab the color onto your lips. This technique achieves a less saturated, “just-bitten” look, meaning that you can get two different lipstick colors out of one tube simply by controlling how much of it goes on your lips. If you’re not into using your hands, apply the lipstick straight from the tube and then blot your lips on a napkin a few times. Layer with a quick swipe of a light reflective gloss in a complementary shade and you are good to go! It’s an old trick that will never go out of style 😉

3. Barely there

Sometimes we just want to look effortlessly beautiful and wear just enough makeup to look like we’re not wearing any at all. On days like that, it can feel like incorporating trends into our looks just isn’t possible, but we don’t believe this has to be the case. For example if you wanted to achieve this look in a more natural way, rather than using a full on lipstick, or even a tinted balm, opt for a lovely burgundy or wine colored stain which can be applied lightly for a flushed hint of color or layered for a more saturated, kissable look. Don’t have a stain? No problem! Simply apply a lip liner in the mulberry family (again, dark red, brown, even a plummy purple will do) all over the lip, blend well with your finger and then blot most of it off on a clean napkin. Top it off with a moisturizing lip balm (NOYA anyone?) and you’re all set for a light, lasting trendy lip without the fuss and worry of an over-the-top look.

We hope one of these looks works it’s way into your Fall make-up routines, but if none of these ideas seem appealing to you, why not try out your own Mulberry-inspired creation? The beauty of makeup is that it’s all about experimentation, and what once seemed over the top and clownish (see the neon pink lip of this past summer) eventually becomes the new must have look splashed across the covers of every magazine. Can you think of any cool ways to wear the Mulberry mouth? Make sure to leave a comment below letting us know how. And as always, live divinely 🙂