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Hydrate Yourself to Better Health

Beber agua. 喝水. Boire de l’eau. Et aquam non bibant. “Drink water.” Regardless of the languages we speak, water is essential to every life. Our bodies are made up of anywhere between 50% to 70% of the stuff. There are about a zillion reasons why we should drink our daily recommended water intake of 8 cups, so we’re breaking it down to our 8 less-obvious reasons for why we should always keep a water bottle at hand:

1. Dental health. 12 ounces of soda can add up to around 200 calories and 40 grams of sugar! Water has no calories or sugars, so replacing that can of cola with a refreshing bottle of water can not only save you calories, but also won’t rot your pearly whites!

2. Aides in weight loss. Water has no mystical fat-burning power, however, H2O consumption is directly correlated with weight loss. Since many people mistake true thirst for hunger, staying hydrated can keep you from over-eating. If you’re tummy’s rumbling for a snack, drink a glass of water, wait a half hour, and see if you were really hungry at all, or just thirsty!

3. Makes your lips pretty. Dehydrated lips can be dark, dry, and dreary. Moisturize lips from the outside and from the inside by drinking plenty of water, giving your pout a juicy and kissable appearance.

4. Heightens energy and focus. Our brain and heart are made up of about 73% water! It’s no wonder that when we are hydrated, our energy, attentiveness, and alertness are higher.

5. Skip the ibuprofen. Dehydration can cause headaches, migraines, and some say even back pain! Getting hydrated can help get rid of and prevent these annoyances.

6. Takes out the trash. Drinking water can help your body release toxins through urination and sweat, lowering your chances of developing kidney stones.

7. Reduces Spasms & Pulls. Being appropriately hydrated aids the lubrication of joints, lowering the odds of joint pain. Drink plenty of water before, during, and after physical activity to keep your body functioning at its optimal performance.

8. Doesn’t break the bank! A venti mocha latte at your favorite coffee shop can cost you about the same as a case of water that’s on sale at your local grocer! Hmm. 24 bottles of refreshing natural hydration vs. 24 oz of sugar and whipped cream, which would you chose? Okay, fine, we like some caffeine too, but get our fix from good ol’ American drip or Italian espresso.

But remember that too much of a good thing is never healthy! A condition called Dilutional hyponatremia can occur when the body over-flooded with water;  it’s the quantity that makes the poison. Figure out what works best for you according to your body, physical activity, climate, altitude, health conditions etc. Answer the poll below and tell us how much water you drink in a day!


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How a daily exercise routine can make your skin glow!

We all know that exercise is amazing for our body for so many reasons, but it seems that not many of us realize how great it is for our skin too!  Makeup works wonders for concealing and enhancing our natural beauty, but nothing is better than naturally clear skin.  One good sweat every day truly makes a difference in our complexion.  Here’s how:

  • Exercising makes us sweat.  And sweating helps the body clear toxins that can clog pores and pester our skin with pimples and other types of blemishes.  Less pimples means less reason to pick at our face, which could possibly cause scarring, thereby leaving it nice and flawless. (Yay!)

  • When we exercise, our muscles get toned, which in turn helps the skin look tighter. This is also helpful for those looking to reduce the appearance of cellulite.

  • It gets the blood flowing!  And increased blood flow brings more oxygen to the skin.  Along with a boost in blood flow and oxygen to the skin come other sources of nourishment that enhance the skin’s health.  When our skin is healthy it releases natural oils that won’t require the use of as much  moisturizer. (Winter is coming, and for most of us winter is also bringing dry skin season with it!)

So the next time you’re wondering what it is that can help your skin clear up, or wondering why all those expensive facials aren’t quite helping, try putting on those tennis shoes and going about it the natural way – exercise!

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Avoiding Spooky Skin!

What’s scarier than zombies and ghosts? Waking up to find your skin’s been cursed – from blemishes to dryness, no one likes dealing with unexpected surprises on their face (or anywhere else, for that matter). There are so many things that can affect the body’s largest organ, from hormones to stress to cold weather, and here at noya we like to think ahead. So here are some tips that will help keep your skin in shape through any of life’s little tricks and treats!


1.  Keep hydrated – The key to great skin starts on the inside so drink up! The cooler months tend to make us less inclined to drink the recommended 8 glasses but your skin’s happiness depends on it. A tip to staying hydrated – invest in a reusable water bottle and bring it everywhere with you.

2. Stay clean – Make sure to wash your face twice a day, one in the morning and once at night. If you wear makeup, make sure that you are actually getting it all off in the evening. Clogged pores are the easiest way to find yourself battling those face demons!

3. Tone it down – Nowadays, most people skip this vital step in cleaning their face but toner helps to insure that every last trace of dirt is off swiped off your skin and tightens pores to boot! Make sure your toner’s alcohol free so it doesn’t create any unwanted dryness!

4. Moisturize twice – Most people use lotions and moisturizers after showering in the morning, but doing so a second time in the evening will insure against pesky dry patches on your face and all over your body. If you are feeling lazy, hit the spots that need it the most – lips, elbows, and knees.

5. Oil yourself – The newest trend in skin care is using natural, essential oils to moisturize rather than your typical lotions and creams. They restore your skins natural oils and absorb deep into the skin rather than sit on top of it. Some good options are Argan Oil, Coconut Oil (a power ingredient in our noya balms!)  and Tea Tree Oil (for spot treatment of blemishes).

6. Rest and relaxation – Stress can be a major cause of all types of skin issues, from zits to redness or blotchiness, and once your skin’s all out of whack, your anxiety levels only get worse, so our last suggestion is to get 8 hours of sleep. After all, they don’t call it “beauty sleep” for nothing 😉

These are our top 6 suggestions for maintaining healthy and happy skin through any of life’s little ghouls. Whether it’s a seasonal cold haunting you or the hair-raising cooling temps, keep your defenses high by sticking to these few suggestions. Have any secret skin-care weapons you wanna share? Leave them in a comment below, and as always, live divinely!