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How a daily exercise routine can make your skin glow!

We all know that exercise is amazing for our body for so many reasons, but it seems that not many of us realize how great it is for our skin too!  Makeup works wonders for concealing and enhancing our natural beauty, but nothing is better than naturally clear skin.  One good sweat every day truly makes a difference in our complexion.  Here’s how:

  • Exercising makes us sweat.  And sweating helps the body clear toxins that can clog pores and pester our skin with pimples and other types of blemishes.  Less pimples means less reason to pick at our face, which could possibly cause scarring, thereby leaving it nice and flawless. (Yay!)

  • When we exercise, our muscles get toned, which in turn helps the skin look tighter. This is also helpful for those looking to reduce the appearance of cellulite.

  • It gets the blood flowing!  And increased blood flow brings more oxygen to the skin.  Along with a boost in blood flow and oxygen to the skin come other sources of nourishment that enhance the skin’s health.  When our skin is healthy it releases natural oils that won’t require the use of as much  moisturizer. (Winter is coming, and for most of us winter is also bringing dry skin season with it!)

So the next time you’re wondering what it is that can help your skin clear up, or wondering why all those expensive facials aren’t quite helping, try putting on those tennis shoes and going about it the natural way – exercise!


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The 4 Easy Steps to Genuine Gratitude

Once November hits us, so does the pressure! No, we don’t mean the pressure to shop for holiday gifts, or think of a great turkey recipe for Thanksgiving dinner, but the pressure to feel grateful. We devote so much time and energy into planning for the holidays ahead, that often we overlook taking the time to nurture our mental and emotional well being. Cultivating gratitude is a proven way to feel better and happier, so we thought we’d share our top four tips on how to experience genuine gratitude every day.

1. Look for what’s good: The mind can be like a magnet for both positive and negative things, and very often we let our minds focus too much on what stressed us out. Instead of that, try to focus your mind on what’s good around you in the precise moment that you are in, whether it’s someone’s brightly colored scarf, or a nice cool breeze, keep your attention on those things around you that make you feel good.

2. Gratitude Journal:  One of our favorite tricks for feeling grateful is keeping a gratitude journal, and writing down at least 5 things that we are grateful for every day. At the end of the year you can look through it and physically experience the bounty of life by flipping through page after page of your self-expressed gratitude. Another version of this would be a jar that you slowly fill up with with colorful post-its full of what you’re thankful for (and it makes for super cute desk decor!)

3. Say it out loud:  There is no better way to reconnect with old friends or reignite old friendships than by offering a quick thank you for everything they’ve offered to your life. Whether you send a handwritten note, or simply send a cute meme over Facebook, sharing your gratitude with another not only strengthens your bond, but adds to your experience of gratitude by including others in it.

4. Helping Others:  There are as many ways to help out others as there are people on this planet that need help! Whether it’s through work with an official charity or simply a shopping trip for an elderly or disabled neighbor, self sacrifice is the fastest road to gratitude that we know. A great resource for finding volunteer opportunities in your area is, a website specializing in matching people to volunteer options that are close to their areas and their hearts.  And if you’re hard pressed for ideas on where to help out, don’t forget noya’s alliance with the National Health Care for the Homeless (HCH) Council to distribute free lip balm to homeless and low income people. For every lip balm you purchase and send a photo of, noya will donate one to the National HCH Council, while supplies lasts. Click here for more details:  buy a balm, give a balm

We hope these suggestions help you to dedicate just a few minutes a day to cultivating gratitude, and spark your imagination to find your own ways to fill yourself with the joy of gratitude. Let us know what you like to do to stay upbeat, positive and full of thanks, and as always, live divinely!

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Although olive oil is a staple in many kitchens, most people aren’t aware of its huge health and beauty benefits! So this week’s post will introduce you to extra virgin olive oil — nature’s miracle potion (and one of the three main ingredients in our balms!).

We thought it would fun to write a series of posts dedicated entirely to the natural ingredients that make NOYA lip balms such a tasty treat for your lips. Not only will this help you get to know us better, but knowing what these ingredients do in and outside the body will help you make better, healthier choices when you’re out on your next shopping spree for food or cosmetics products. In the following weeks, we will cover NOYA’s two other main ingredients: coconut oil and beeswax

But for now, on to EVOO! Extra virgin olive oil is made from the first pressing of olives, making it different from regular olive oil. It’s chock full of antioxidants and monounsaturated fatty acids, which are considered good dietary fats. The result is that olive oil can lower your cholesterol and improve heart health. Moreover, the antioxidants in olive oil slow down the aging process as well as help to improve your metabolism. However, it is important to remember that EVOO has a high calorie count so it’s only good for you in moderation by substituting it in place of stuff like butter!

Mediterranean women have always used olive oil for it’s beauty benefits – they rub it on their hair as a nourishing mask and on their skin as a gentle moisturizer, even putting some in their bath water for a nice, hydrating soak.

Used on the skin, olive oil regulates your skin’s natural moisture, and works to soften, smooth, tone, and firm the skin. If that’s not a miracle potion, we’re not sure what is! Furthermore, because it is rich in antioxidants, it functions as a natural anti-aging serum whether ingested or placed directly onto the skin. However, when applied to the skin, olive oil can plump wrinkles for a more youthful, radiant skin tone. And when applied after sunbathing, olive oil can protect the skin from sun damage. What doesn’t this stuff do? If you are worried about the greasy skin factor in using this stuff, never fear, we have a few tips and tricks you can try out for yourself:

  1. Try putting EVOO on your skin right before bed, and gently cleans with a delicate body wash when you wake up. Your glowing, healthy skin will love you for it!


  1. Apply the olive oil onto moistened skin, which helps to dilute the olive oil leaving your skin soft but not greasy.


  1. Mix the olive oil with some lemon juice, and apply either as a moisturizer or as a zesty cleanser.


  1. Make an all over body exfoliant by mixing olive oil with sugar and honey. Rinse off in your shower and enjoy skin that stays totally hydrated throughout the day.

Aside from what we’ve listed so far, olive oil has a tons more functions (including as a furniture polish!). It’s gentle enough for everyday use even on the most sensitive of skin, and has the added benefit of being a multi-tasker – cook with it, clean with it and when you’re done, soak in a hot bath with it!

Let us know what your favorite olive oil tricks are in the comments. And, as always, live divinely. 😉