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NOYA – Now available on over 150 stores in New York, New Jersey, and Chicago!

It’s been a long, exciting path to this huge milestone in NOYA’s journey to store shelves. We are proud to announce that the big day is finally here and NOYA can now be purchased throughout select stores in NY, with more to come in Florida and California over the next several months. You can access the following link for an updated list of stores that carry NOYA lip balms: Store Locator

In order to share in the celebration, we thought we would take you on a quick trip along the steps it takes to create a simple, all-natural and kosher product such as our yummy lip balms.


Step 1: Finding nature’s secrets

The concept of adding a protective layer to the lips has been around for 100 of years, yet in recent times we have begun to complicate this very simple need. Before creating NOYA, we found that most balms had a long list of ingredients in them, each requiring hours of laborious research just to find out a) what they are and b) what they do. Finally we thought to ourselves: there must be a simpler, more natural way to nourish and protect the lips, and that is when the idea behind NOYA lip balms was born. It wasn’t easy to find just the right textures and ingredients to work with, but finally we settled on the three main components of NOYA balms: extra virgin olive oil, coconut oil, and beeswax. (Check out our NOYA Lip Balm Series for a description on why we selected each of the ingredients we use!)

  1. NOYA Lip Balm Series – Beeswax
  2. NOYA Lip Balm Series – Coconut Oil
  3. NOYA Lip Balm Series – EVOO


Step 2:  Finding a balance

Once the ingredients were settled on, it took extensive work just to finalize the right balance and combination to create a formula that’s light yet extremely hydrating and non-greasy but substantial enough to last through hot coffee sips and late night kisses 😉 Plus, we wanted the balms to be a little more fun than your standard lip product and have a taste that’s irresistible! We chose to use all-natural Stevia to add some yumminess to two of our balms, the Cherry and Vanilla along with all-natural flavoring. After multiple trial and errors, we came up with a Vanilla flavor to rival the sweetest of cupcakes, and a cherry that’s a tangy dance on your taste buds. The Mint was a bit tricky, but we think we balanced our spearmint balm to be a perfect, cooling minty sweet goodness that perks you up while moistening your lips. Lastly our Classic lip balm is a simple, no nonsense flavorless lip balm meant for the purists among you! It has only three ingredients and as far as we know is literally the simplest, purest lip balm there is on the market! If nature itself were to create a lip balm, this might be it. 🙂


Step 3:  Perfecting the packaging

The original NOYA lip balm tubes were bright and colorful! Hard to believe, but we had a completely different, crayon box inspired look in mind for our NOYA brand. The packing itself was going to be bright and full of colors as well, but after hours of back-breaking work by a design team, (and some sleepless, caffeine-infused nights for us) the colors slowly melted off. We felt that a more modern edge to our packaging conveyed our brand’s mission of a simple and natural lip care line more than the bright, vivid packaging ever could.  Even our signature splash of water design went from being a monsoon-sized graphic eating up the packaging to a more demure, eye-friendly wave.

What’s up next for NOYA’s creative team? Perhaps a line of completely biodegradable packaging? Hmm… 🙂

These are just three of the unexpected and fun aspects of creating a lip care line. A lot of time, we had to work off the cuff and experiment with new flavors or create completely novel ways of packaging our lip balms. And we aren’t done yet! Our team is already researching ingredients for new products, and we promise to keep you posted.  Stay tuned! And as always, live divinely.



A beauty blog is born!

Hey there all you natural beauties!

Welcome to the Noya Beauty Blog – a world entirely dedicated to all-natural, healthy and safe choices in beauty and in life. We’ll be bringing you information on everything you need to know about natural living, from do-it-yourself masks and scrubs to our favorite 10-minute workouts that you can do right from your office chair –  there’s no limit to the fun, wacky, and inspired posts you can expect to see from us.

You’re probably asking yourself, “Who are these people, anyway?” Well, we are NOYA, creators of kosher, all-natural cosmetics (well, lip balm, for now, but more to come!), and lovers of all stuff that makes you feel good inside and out. It’s very nice to meet you!

The word NOYA actually means “divine beauty” in Hebrew, and feeling divinely beautiful is what we’re all about. Beauty is more than just picking out the right outfit or putting on a little makeup, it’s about a way of life that begins and ends with the choices you make every day – from the kind of fuel you’re putting in your body and the products you use throughout your day, to the amount of sleep you allow yourself to get. Divine beauty is a lifestyle that lets you you radiate from within. At least, that’s how we see it!

Many of our initial posts will focus on lip care or other lip related topics. After all, lips are what got us into the all-natural business in the first place, and having healthy lips means having a brighter, more radiant smile. However, as mentioned earlier, there is no limit on the potential of this blog and we fully intend to cover any and all aspects of the all-natural cosmos, as well as any other topic that fits the theme of divine beauty. Often times inspiration hits in the least likely of places, and the only rule we’re sticking to is that if it makes us feel good, we want you to know about it too!

Make sure to follow us, we’ll be bringing you some great, fun, and “all-natural” inspired posts every week! Till next time, live divinely 😉