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what's in my bag?

what’s in my bag?- blue packets, noya lip balm, perfume, keys, ipsy makeup bag, nail file, wallet..the necessities!

Are you the girl with a sandwich bag full of sweetener packets in her purse? I am. If you’ve got a sweet tooth like mine, your Sunday is ruined when you learn that the brunch spot doesn’t have your packet of choice (Ok, I may be a little obsessed).

Within the past few years a new packet has come to town –a sugar substitute called stevia. This sugar-substitute boasts to have no calories, no carbohydrates, and . Whatsitooya? Stevia——is naturally derived. The way they extract sweetener from the stevia plant is much like how they get sugar in tropical areas of South and Latin America.

Some say stevia may even have health benefits, ranging from a solution for dandruff to a bacteria-fighting remedy to gingivitis. So far I’ve only used it in my coffee and on my lips (it’s what gives noyah lip balms a naturally sweet nibble), and I’m satisfied with its genuine sugar texture and expectedly sweet taste.

My favorite stevia sweet treat is on a chocolate rice-cake with peanut butter (sweetens to taste like a peanut butter cup, yum!) Answer the poll below to tell us your favorite sweetener –then comment and tell us how you use it!


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So yummy you may want to eat it. So natural, you can.

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